All papers submitted for publication to the journal dia-LOGOS must not have in any way been formerly published. The author will be deemed to have given his/her assurance that he/she will not submit his/her paper to another journal or publisher before receiving the dia-LOGOS’s editorial decision. In case that his /her paper is accepted for publication by dia-LOGOS, the paper’s author is restricted not to publish his/her paper to any other journal, whatsoever.

As far as it concerns their scientific adequacy papers will be anonymously evaluated by assessors specializing on the subject (blind refereeing). Authors will be notified about the assessors’ results in a maximum three months period after their submitting their papers.

Greek will be the official language. Papers should not exceed 5000 words (including notes and bibliography).

To assure the anonymity of the evaluation process, authors’ personal data (name and surname, scientific and professional position, electronic and correspondence address and telephone numbers) must be written in a separately included page in the envelope and not mentioned in the submitted paper.

All papers submitted for publication must have short abstracts (of about 200 words) in English.

dia-LOGOS also publishes book reviews from either in Greek or in other languages published philosophical works that must not exceed 1500 words.

The submitted for publication papers may be written in any of the commonly used font, in a Word processing program, single-spaced. Font size will be 12 for the main text and 10 for the notes.

Notes must be placed at the end of the text. The superscripts must be numbered consecutively and be placed after quotes «» (in case there exist any) and before any other mark (. , · ! ;).

Whenever an original text is quoted it should be in between Greek type quotes « » and if it is an ancient Greek text it should be polytonically stressed as in the original.

In notes to bibliography are sited as follows: J. Baudrillard (1970), 58, D.L. Cairns (2003), 251, P. Piccone (1978), 45. Full bibliographical sources information will be given at the bibliography section.

Bibliography is sited at the very end of the text in alphabetical order, following Authors’ surnames first letters (fonts size must be 12). The titles are written in italics whether the titles of articles must be written in Greek type quotes. The following examples are given respectively to the three bibliographical references given above):

Baudrillard, J. (1970): La societé de consommation, ses mythes, ses structures (Paris: Gallimard, 1970).

Cairns, D.L. (2003): «The Politics of Envy and Equality in Ancient Greece», in: Envy, Spite and Jealousy: The Rivalrous Emotions in Ancient Greece, edited by David Konstan and N. Keith Rutter (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2003), 235-252.

Piccone, P. (1978): «The Crisis of One-Dimensionality», Telos 35 (1978), 43-54.

The same guidelines concerning the papers submitted for publication are to be followed for book reviews as well.

All texts must be sent via e-mail in the from of attached doc. files to the electronic address of the journal:

Final submitting date for the first issue is the 28th of February 2011.

All texts that will not follow the guidelines mentioned above will not be accepted for assessment.